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Concussions are a national problem. Concussions are an injury to the brain. Medicine and science now understand that sports injuries can have devastating effects on brain function. This is why we see stories about head-injured football, soccer and wrestling athletes all the time now. We know better than to injure our athletes.

Life changes for victims of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and their family members. In a split second, an act of negligence on the playing fields or Iowa roads or a mishap during seemingly harmless recreational activities can result in a traumatic brain injury.

Many TBI victims will have long-term health care needs, specifically therapy and medical intervention to retain cognitive functions and basic life skills. However, with the complexity of the brain and the specific damage that occurred, recovery is not a guarantee.
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Representation for TBI Victims And Their Loved Ones

Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of:
Symptoms of TBI may not show up until days or weeks after the accident. Do not wait until memory loss or changes in personality are noticeable.

At Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P. in West Des Moines, we take on all aspects of these complex catastrophic injury claims. Our attorneys understand that these situations are charged with emotion. As your family deals with the upheaval in their lives, we will employ all of our resources to maximize compensation for current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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