Why Are You Still Hunting For Answers About Your Injury?

If you were injured through no fault of your own, or injured at work, anywhere in Iowa, you've got a hundred questions about what to do next. Why wouldn't you — it's not something that happens every day.

And using the Internet to find answers is a total roll of the dice as well. You don't need to search any more websites, wait on hold, read any more fine print or pester any more friends or co-workers — Just pick up the phone to call our attorneys for clear answers to your questions.

Why Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P.?

Here are a few reasons to choose our law firm:

  • We only handle Iowa personal injury and Iowa workers' comp cases. No criminal, no business, no wills, no real estate. We can answer the toughest questions fast.
  • We only represent injured people. If you are an insurance company, an employer, or if you injured someone because of your own negligence, we can't help you.
  • We have extensive experience. Channing, David and Jim have each been doing Iowa personal injury and Iowa workers' comp cases for more than 35 years.
  • We are easy to find and easy to talk to. In addition to our experience, our location is a key factor in our success. Our office in residential West Des Moines is in a safe, easy to find location just minutes from downtown Des Moines. It makes sense to hire a law firm that has experience with the Iowa legal process and the local court systems.

The best advice we can give you about your case is to pick up the phone and call at 515-224-4400 to discuss your issues with one of our partners. We have done this type of work for more than 35 years each, so let us help you. Call now...there is no charge for discussing your case.

Our West Des Moines Lawyers Are Skilled In Workers' Comp and Personal Injury

We focus 100 percent on the following areas of litigation for injured parties — never for employers, insurance companies or corporations:

  • Workers' compensation and all work injury claims: We help you navigate through the treacherous waters of your disability claim, including claims for medical care, temporary total disability, permanent total disability, partial disability and lump-sum settlements/payments. We can also help you obtain additional monetary damages from third parties who caused your workplace accident.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: We can help you recover financial damages resulting from a car, motorcycle, semi-truck or boat accident anywhere in Iowa.
  • Other personal injury and wrongful death claims: We handle all types of workers' compensation and other injury claims. Just pick up the phone for fast, sane answers to the questions you have.

Free Consultation · You Will Not Pay Us If You Don't Get Monetary Compensation

There is no charge for talking about your case. Let us repeat... there is no charge for talking. This means it does not cost you anything to call or email us. How can you decide if you have a case if lawyers won't discuss the potential matter with you? We build our client base by providing our time and advice so that you can decide if you need our help.

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