Iowa Law Changing

Iowa's Workers' Comp Law is Changing!

Only For The Injured

Iowa Law Changing – CALL IMMEDIATELY

The Republicans in the Iowa Legislature have been moving aggressively to alter the rights of workers and injured people in the state of Iowa. It's no surprise they are doing this. They have said they want to roll back the clock on victim's rights for many years. Now they have the Iowa House, the Iowa Senate, and the governor's chair. They are coming after your case.

We are seeing first-hand the principle of "elections have consequences." The consequences for you as an injured person are immense. Do not delay in calling our office or any other qualified attorney about the coming changes. These changes may take place overnight.

The clock is ticking. Your ability to bring the case you could have brought a year ago is going to change very soon. The most important phone call you may make is the one you make after you read this message. Call Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P. at 515-224-4400. DON'T DELAY!
shoulder injury

Protect Shoulder Injuries

As we enter March of 2017, we now see the plan of Iowa Republicans to take away more of the rights of injured workers. This time they are working to remove shoulder injuries from full compensation. Instead, they want to pay minimal benefits to workers who have disability in the shoulder joint. Why? We have no idea other than the GOP has declared open warfare on the workers in Iowa. First, it was the unions. Now it is injured workers. Tomorrow, it will be any of us injured in car crashes, explosion, fires or by doctors who don't give a rip about you. All we can suggest is if you read this post you contact us, or any other good lawyer to discuss possible cases. Don't wait. Call now.
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