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Pain and Suffering Injury Attorney Close to Waukee IA 

When you've been injured in an accident due to negligence of another, you can be plagued with unresolved medical bills, lost wages, and chronic head, back, neck and shoulder injuries. If you are suffering with these types of injuries, you need to speak with an injury attorney near Waukee, IA that has experience fighting for those suffering due to physical and financial burdens caused by an uninsured or under-insured motorist. Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P. is the personal injury law firm that specializes in head, back and shoulder injuries resulting from vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, slips and falls and more. We are your full service personal injury attorney which means we are your:

• ATV & Pedestrian Accident Attorney
• Burn & Dog Bite Injury Attorney
• Catastrophic Injury Attorney
• Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney
• Construction Accident Attorney
• Defective Product Attorney
• Drunk Driving Accident Injury Attorney
• Fire Injury Attorney
• Industrial Accident Attorney
• Motorcycle & Car Accident Attorney
• Premises Liability Attorney
• Semi-Truck & Boat Accident Injury Attorney
• Traumatic Brain, Spinal Cord & Lung Injury Attorney
• Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured and are dealing with insurance companies or an employer, the time to get help is now. We have handled all different types of injury cases over our years in service and have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in how to move forward with our clients’ best interests first. 

Personal Injury Attorneys Near Waukee, IA

If we are acting as your attorney, you will get compassionate, focused representation to ensure you the best possible outcome. If you have been injured because of another, we will provide you with the sharp legal representation that will ensure you are getting maximum compensation that you are entitled to under the law. We have helped Iowans receive millions of dollars in compensation for personal injuries that they have sustained due to the neglect of others. Our experience and expertise will cost you nothing upfront or until you get paid. We are a contingency lawyer meaning you owe us nothing until you receive compensation. Contact us today for a case review!
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