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One of the main differences between a car accident and a truck accident in Iowa is that truckers and truck companies are operating under state traffic laws as well as federal regulations governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Commercial truck and transport companies are responsible for maintaining their equipment, training their drivers and providing supervision that will protect the safety of the driving public.

If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or any type of commercial delivery truck or construction vehicle in Iowa, make sure you know what you are up against before talking to its insurance adjuster or company representative. In many cases, commercial transport companies are national corporations with teams of investigators and lawyers on their side. While you were getting medical treatment, they may have already had an investigator on the scene. You need and deserve quality, experienced legal representation on your side, too.

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Call Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P. in West Des Moines. We are a litigation firm 100 percent dedicated to protecting the rights of injured parties. Truck accident cases are often very complex because of the factors involved. In many cases, the truck company may hire subcontractors to provide maintenance or even load the trailers. Handling these types of investigations requires skill, knowledge and resources.

For Example...

Recently, our auto accident attorney concluded a major case where the key step in the investigation was getting photographs of the tires on a semi at the time of the accident. No, it wasn't that the tires were bald; it was that the tires on the truck at the time of the crash were smaller than the ones on the truck months later.

That diameter difference in the tires affected point of impact, speed and distance traveled calculations. Without the real tire size, the case could have been lost. Armed with the correct information, our semi accident attorneys were able to get a favorable settlement for our injured client. It's the smallest things that sometimes have the biggest impact.
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