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Workers' comp may cover more than just your physical injuries.

If you have been exposed to traumatic situations while on the job that have resulted in severe emotional distress, you may be entitled to workers' compensation. Injuries can come in many different forms, and some are more obvious than others. However, emotional and mental injuries are a serious matter and they can easily impact your day-to-day life.


Workplace injuries can become more complicated after the Iowa Supreme Court handed down a decision that complicates the process for an employee who has suffered workplace injuries. This happens when an employer controls their medical care due to the workplace injury. In a normal Workers' Compensation case, the employer must pay for the care if it is related to your injury. So, a person with a bad knee who is sent for an x-ray can expect the expense of the x-ray to be covered by the employer. In many cases, an employee with a knee injury, for example, may have to rely on the other knee to support his body weight. This can put stress on the opposite knee and back. But in order to ensure the care for the opposite knee and back are paid for by the employer, the safest bet is to ask the employer for authorization in written form before seeking care.

Construction worker suffers workplace injuries

A man was injured on a job site around noon on Nov. 30, according to sources local to the accident. The worker apparently suffered workplace injuries after a fall on a construction site. Iowa construction workers know how dangerous a job site can be, which is why workers' compensation is so important to protect those who have been injured on the job. 

Man suffers workplace injuries after accident

A man is believed to have been injured on a job site, according to industry sources. The man reportedly suffered workplace injuries at a port location familiar to Iowa residents. While the man is expected to recover, he will likely also be offered workers' compensation to help cover his medical expenses. 

Building collapse: 1 worker dead, 1 suffers workplace injuries

A partial building collapse has left one man dead and another injured on an out-of-state work site, according to sources local to the incident. Fire officials confirmed that one man was killed on scene while the other suffered serious workplace injuries. Iowa construction workers live with this sort of danger every day, which is one reason why the workers' compensation program exists at the state level. 

Scaffolding collapse leads to workplace injuries

Six workers are lucky to be alive following a scaffolding collapse at an out-of-state job site, according to local news sources. All six individuals suffered workplace injuries as a result of the accident, which is currently under investigation by authorities. As is the case here in Iowa, the injured workers will likely be entitled to workers' compensation insurance coverage to support them through their recovery. 

Worker suffers workplace injuries following accident

A man working in a bucket-lift was hurt around 2:35 p.m. on Oct. 6 according to local sources. The man was 35 feet in the air when he suffered workplace injuries as a result of an accident. Iowa workers know how dangerous working that high in the air can be. In all likelihood, the injured worker will be the recipient of a compensation package as he struggles to recover. 

1 dead, 2 suffering from workplace injuries

A wall collapse on a job site has claimed the life of one 19-year-old construction worker and injured two others. Wall collapses are all too common on construction sites, as Iowa workers are already aware, and they are a leading cause of workplace injuries and deaths. In this case, local rescue services are working in tandem with OSHA to determine the cause of the accident. 

Worker dies of workplace injuries

A worker was killed behind a school on Aug. 17, according to sources local to the accident. It appears a lift toppled over, resulting in severe workplace injuries that proved to be fatal for one man. It is a grim reminder to Iowa workers how dangerous jobs of this nature can be, but thankfully the family of the deceased man will have the benefit of workers' compensation packages to aid them in this difficult time. 

Postal worker suffers workplace injuries

A man has been seriously injured on the job, requiring an investigation to be launched by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, according to sources local to the incident. The incident occurred on the afternoon of Aug. 8, according to the officials overseeing the investigation. Iowa residents will be pleased to hear the man is expected to recover, despite the severity of his workplace injuries

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