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Workplace accidents: Tragedy strikes pregnant mother and toddler

Losing a loved one is naturally a traumatic experience. A pregnant mother with a 4-year-old daughter recently tried to describe the heartache after her husband left for work and never came back. He was one of many workers who have lost their lives in workplace accidents nationwide, including in Iowa. She said they had celebrated their wedding anniversary with a special dinner on the evening prior to the day of the fatal accident.

Workplace accidents contribute to another death

A worker is dead following a serious accident on a job site, according to news local to the site. Iowa construction workers live with the threat of workplace accidents every day and are all too aware of how easily an accident can turn fatal. Thankfully, organizations like OSHA work together with the federal government to help prevent accidents, and compensation packages are available for those injured and the families of those who lose their lives. 

Fatal accident being investigated by OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is in the midst of investigating a tragic death out-of-state, according to sources. The fatal accident that killed a construction worker on April 9 is currently being looked into by OSHA, which hopes to determine what caused the accident to occur. Iowa workers are familiar with the process OSHA must go through to determine responsibility and further safety measure implementation in the case of worker deaths. 

Fatal accident kills construction worker

A man working on a construction site in an out-of-state meat packing district was tragically killed on April 6, according to sources local to the site. The fatal accident appears to have been the result of a dirt collapse, though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still in the process of investigating. Though Iowa workers are aware of the risks of construction work, it makes such accidents no less tragic. Thankfully, support through workers' compensation insurance coverage will likely be made available to the man's surviving relatives in their time of grief.

Construction worker suffers work injury

Police and emergency services were called to assist a construction worker who had become stuck in a hole, according to news sources. The work injury seems to have been precipitated by an additional accident, but authorities are still investigating how the events played out. Iowa residents will be relieved to know the man survived his accident and is currently in recovery.

Fatal accident claims life of veteran worker at chemical plant

Explosions at the workplace are set apart from other work accidents by the fact that they are often fatal or could cause life-changing injuries that may affect several organ systems at once. The worker's proximity and the material involved will determine the severity of the injuries resulting from such an accident. A devastating explosion at an Iowa chemical plant recently claimed the life of a 71-year-old worker who had been with the company for 15 years prior to the fatal accident.

2 construction workers killed in fatal accident

Two contracted civilian workers are dead following a serious accident at a naval ship facility, according to local sources. Iowa residents are familiar with the WW2 landmark where the fatal accident took place. Firefighters responded to the scene, and it is likely that the local branch of OSHA will be conducting an investigation as well. 

Construction worker seriously hurt in work accident

One construction worker is in critical care following a serious mishap on a job site, according to local sources. The work accident injured a man on the night of November 13 when he was caught in a piece of machinery. While Iowa residents are likely pleased to hear that he is expected to recover, it is still a concerning story for those who work in the construction industry. 

Work accident causes man to lose his ear, suffer head injury

Many hazards exist in workplaces in Iowa, particularly in the construction and manufacturing fields. Machine malfunctions and human error, such as in the case of slip-and-fall incidents, can cause serious accidents -- even if a company strives to train its workers on how to protect themselves. One man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in a sudden work accident involving a tractor.

1 killed, 3 injured in fatal accident at Omega Protein plant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into a plant explosion that recently injured multiple employees and resulted in the death of another. This isn't the first time that an employee has been fatally injured at the Omega Protein plant, either. In total, four employees have been involved in a fatal accident at the plant since 2011. For those in Iowa who are aware that employees are legally entitled to a safe working environment, that number may seem excessive.

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