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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

The Most Common Construction Zone Accidents

There are countless people who dedicate their lives to improving the infrastructure of this country. They fill potholes, expand highways, put up buildings, and make sure that everyone can travel safely from place to place on a daily basis. Unfortunately, anyone who has spent time in the construction industry understands that the heavy equipment, location of the work, and nature of the industry can predispose people to serious injuries.

Construction workers' accidents lead to death of 2 workers

Owners of construction companies are responsible for the safety of their employees and are required to follow strict regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Fatal falls are prevalent in construction workers' accidents, and fall protection must be provided to all workers on scaffolds and other heights. However, providing personal protection equipment is not enough -- proper training in the correct use of the equipment is vital.

Construction accident injures worker

March 18 saw an individual injured at a massive Apple construction site, according to local sources. The construction accident sent the worker to a local hospital for treatment. Iowa residents may have heard of the massive undertaking that is currently being overseen by the Apple corporation -- the construction of their new out-of-state complex.

Structural collapse sends construction worker to hospital

A man was rescued from beneath falling drywall by firefighters on the morning of Mar. 6, according to local sources. Structural collapse is an occupational hazard understood by construction workers in Iowa, and accidents of this nature are grim reminders of the dangers faced by those in the field. An investigation is underway as mandated by state law. 

Structural collapse kills worker

A man is dead after being trapped under a falling wall on a construction site, according to reports. Iowa construction workers are keenly aware of the ever-present danger of a structural collapse on a work site, which is the type of tragic accident that appears to have taken place in this case. In the wake of such a tragedy, the family of the deceased worker will likely be the beneficiary of a compensation package to help cover final arrangements. 

Worker suffers fall injury

A man has been seriously hurt after a major fall, according to sources local to the job site. Iowa construction workers are aware of the dangers of a fall injury on a job site, which has the capacity to cause long-term problems and even be fatal. In this case, the injured worker is lucky to be alive. 

Construction accident injures worker on Halloween

Halloween was very nearly an occasion for tragedy when a construction worker was seriously injured on a job site. The 25-year-old man suffered serious injuries in a construction accident after a rebar wall collapsed on top of him. Iowa residents will be pleased to hear the helmet he was wearing afforded him partial protection from the blow. The man's condition is unknown, but medical professionals believe the helmet may have saved his life.

Construction accident traps two workers

A cloud of asbestos and cement dust marked a serious accident at a work site on October 17, according to local sources. A construction accident at the former site of a Social Services building currently being renovated into a family court injured two construction workers and sent 17 more to local hospitals for decontamination. Iowa residents will no doubt be pleased to hear that the two injured parties are in stable condition.

Man injured in construction accident, sues for millions

A serious accident on an out-of-state construction site has led to a landmark $55 million lawsuit, according to business news. Iowa residents may be interested to know the construction accident that precipitated the lawsuit involved a subway project roughly a month ago. The worker who was injured is reportedly suing the local transportation authority as well as the city in which the accident took place.

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