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When you need time to heal

If you have been injured in a work accident, do not stress. You may be anxious to return to work. After all, it's hard to pay the bills while you're saddled to a hospital bed. If your injury was disabling and paralyzing, you may have no option but to wait until things get better. Yet, there is good news: Iowa's workers' compensation system provides healing benefits, which help support you financially while you recover from an immobilizing workplace accident.

TTD benefits in Iowa

Temporary total disability (TTD) is a weekly benefit offered through Iowa's workers' comp system. If you missed work while recovering from a job-related injury, you may be entitled to TTD benefits, also known as "healing period payments." These benefits apply only to workers unable perform any work duties during post-accident recovery.

For example, let us say you are injured on a construction site in Des Moines. Specifically, you fall from a two-story ladder because you missed your step on your climb up. The good news is that you survived the accident. The bad news is that you sustained arm, leg and back injuries, including fractures, and you will be bedridden for a couple of weeks.

The injury sustained in the accident may require adequate rest and recuperation. This might set you back a few weeks, leaving you immobile and incapable of work. This is when TTD benefits come in. You will recover and be back to construction, but it will just take time.

Payments: TTD

These payments begin on the fourth day of disability after your work injury. If your inability to work extends beyond two weeks, your employer is required to supplement the payments for three extra days during your third week of recovery (to make up for the initial three-day waiting period). In most cases, the employer's insurance company will voluntarily make these payments.

Once you are better and able to return to your position (or once you can acquire a new job), your TTD benefits will end. Remember: Temporary total disability helps workers unable to perform any work-related duties because of an injury on the job. You must be essentially powerless.

This workers' comp benefit covers 80 percent of your weekly spendable pay. To learn more about retrieving this recovery option after a workplace accident, speak to a legal professional.

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