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5 Items to Bring to Your Personal Injury Consultation

Your first meeting with a Personal Injury lawyer is incredibly important. Your lawyer decides whether it's in the firm's best interest to take your case. If the lawyer decides to take your case, he or she can help you get compensation for your injuries.

But in order to form a successful case, your lawyer needs all the information you can provide. To get the most out of your consultation, make sure you bring all of the following.

1. Accident Reports

First, your lawyer will need to see any reports about the accident. If applicable, ask your local law enforcement officials for a copy of the police report. Gather any information the report doesn't include, such as people involved and witnesses.

It will benefit your lawyer if you write down a calendar outline of your injuries. Include what dates you were treated, where you were treated, and how you were treated.

Photographs can also help your lawyer determine important details about the accident. If you have any photos of your injury, bring them to your consultation. If you were in a car accident, bring pictures of your car before and after the accident. Also, bring your car insurance policy and any bills from car repairs.

2. Medical Information

In order to start fighting for your compensation, your lawyer will need to know more about your injuries. Thus, you should bring any medical records that relate to your accident. You'll need to request these records from emergency medical services, your doctor, your physical therapist, and anyone else that treated your accident injuries.

Bring copies of any medical bills related to your accident. Bring receipts if you've bought any medical supplies to treat your injuries.

Your lawyer may also question you about the current state of your injuries and how they have affected your life. If you've written in your journal about how the accident has affected your daily life, bring these journal entries to show your lawyer.

3. Insurance Information

Your lawyer will want to know to what extent your insurance is paying for your medical treatment. Bring a copy of your health insurance policy and your insurance card. Also, bring any information your insurance company has sent you about your coverage for this accident.

Your lawyer will want to know what you've told your insurance company about the accident. Bring any written correspondence between you and your insurance company.

If you proceed with a personal injury case, the insurance company may send you a medical lien. This lien demands that if you obtain a personal injury settlement, you must repay the insurance company for what they've spent on your injury. Your medical providers may file a lien as well. If you have a copy of these liens, bring them to your consultation.

4. Work Information

You'll want to inform your lawyer about how much work you've missed due to your accident, as well as how much income you've lost as a result. Bring any documentation that shows this, such as paychecks from before and after the accident.

5. Legal Claims

If you've already filed any claims about your accident, bring these to your lawyer as well.

What Happens Next

If you bring all these items to your consultation, you will be more than prepared. At your consultation, your lawyer will look over all the documents you brought. He or she will also ask questions about your injury, including what happened and how you've been treated.

Start preparing for your consultation today and experience a hassle-free case.

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