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5 Items to Bring to Your Personal Injury Consultation

Your first meeting with a Personal Injury lawyer is incredibly important. Your lawyer decides whether it's in the firm's best interest to take your case. If the lawyer decides to take your case, he or she can help you get compensation for your injuries.


Workplace injuries can become more complicated after the Iowa Supreme Court handed down a decision that complicates the process for an employee who has suffered workplace injuries. This happens when an employer controls their medical care due to the workplace injury. In a normal Workers' Compensation case, the employer must pay for the care if it is related to your injury. So, a person with a bad knee who is sent for an x-ray can expect the expense of the x-ray to be covered by the employer. In many cases, an employee with a knee injury, for example, may have to rely on the other knee to support his body weight. This can put stress on the opposite knee and back. But in order to ensure the care for the opposite knee and back are paid for by the employer, the safest bet is to ask the employer for authorization in written form before seeking care.

When you need time to heal

If you have been injured in a work accident, do not stress. You may be anxious to return to work. After all, it's hard to pay the bills while you're saddled to a hospital bed. If your injury was disabling and paralyzing, you may have no option but to wait until things get better. Yet, there is good news: Iowa's workers' compensation system provides healing benefits, which help support you financially while you recover from an immobilizing workplace accident.

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