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It is common for personal injury accidents to occur during some of the most serious car/truck accidents involving multiple vehicle pileups in Iowa. This is especially true on the interstates.  Often there are several persons at fault.  When there are serious personal injuries an issue arises as to who will pay the damage so that the victim is fully compensated.

There is often inadequate insurance to cover all of the damages in a freeway pileup.  However, you can recover 100% of your damages from anyone who is more than 50% at fault in causing the accident and injuries.  For example, if there is an accident involving your car, two other cars, and a truck where the truck driver was 60% at fault, the truck driver's insurance company would be responsible for the full damages even though 40% of the fault might rest with the other two drivers.  The truck driver's insurance company can then sue the other two drivers to recover that portion of the damage caused by those drivers.  The reason this is allowed is that there is strong social policy to insure that if a person or company causes the majority of the damage that the victim is fully compensated by those principally at fault. 

Because multi-vehicle accidents involve complex factual issues to determine who was at fault, it is best to investigate the accident immediately after it has happened.  An attorney is in a poor position to perform that complex investigation personally because he or she cannot be a witness on your behalf at trial and still represent you in the case.  Therefore, our firm uses an investigator to assemble all the facts.  Our firm's investigator has a background as an Iowa State Highway Patrolman and a Deputy State Fire Marshal.

In summary, a prompt investigation on a complex crash will often allow your attorney to properly establish fault and the full extent of your damages. 


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