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Workplace accidents contribute to another death

A worker is dead following a serious accident on a job site, according to news local to the site. Iowa construction workers live with the threat of workplace accidents every day and are all too aware of how easily an accident can turn fatal. Thankfully, organizations like OSHA work together with the federal government to help prevent accidents, and compensation packages are available for those injured and the families of those who lose their lives. 

In this instance, the worker was moving a piece of granite at an out-of-state tile and granite store when the accident occurred around 10:30 a.m. on May 14. The details of the accident are unclear and are still under investigation, but by the time emergency responders reached the scene, the man had died. The nature and extent of his injuries have not been released by the coroner's office at this time. 

Though it was not explicitly stated in the report, general practice demands that OSHA be notified of a workplace accident of this type so they can conduct a further investigation into the job site. It will be the responsibility of OSHA to work with the site overseers to determine how the accident took place and to take steps to ensure that a similar accident does not happen in the future. In the meantime, the worker's family will likely be offered a grievance package to help handle final arrangements for the worker. 

Workplace accidents are always tragic when they result in a fatality, as Iowa workers know. The support offered to grieving families will certainly not bring back their loved ones, but it does go a long way toward easing the financial burdens of such a family. Their time of grief can then be spent dealing with the emotional repercussions of the accident rather than the fiscal ramifications.

Source:, "Lexington worker fatally injured moving piece of granite", May 15, 2015

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