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April 2015 Archives

Fatal accident being investigated by OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is in the midst of investigating a tragic death out-of-state, according to sources. The fatal accident that killed a construction worker on April 9 is currently being looked into by OSHA, which hopes to determine what caused the accident to occur. Iowa workers are familiar with the process OSHA must go through to determine responsibility and further safety measure implementation in the case of worker deaths. 

Email: A love affair with legal risks?

When it comes to the use of email, it looks like the Internet has won. Everyone is addicted to the use of email for communication of confidential details about their life. We are putting everything about ourselves on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media. But most importantly, we put our confidential information in emails. When dealing with the legal system, this is dangerous.


At Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, LLP, we provide immediate service to potential callers. What good is a lawyer who won't give you guidance and advice right away? There's no sense trying to figure out the complex legal landscape without some helpful advice. As a result, our attorneys will speak with you candidly from the very first phone call. We provide relevant information right off the bat. 

Fatal accident kills construction worker

A man working on a construction site in an out-of-state meat packing district was tragically killed on April 6, according to sources local to the site. The fatal accident appears to have been the result of a dirt collapse, though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still in the process of investigating. Though Iowa workers are aware of the risks of construction work, it makes such accidents no less tragic. Thankfully, support through workers' compensation insurance coverage will likely be made available to the man's surviving relatives in their time of grief.

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