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Construction worker suffers work injury

Police and emergency services were called to assist a construction worker who had become stuck in a hole, according to news sources. The work injury seems to have been precipitated by an additional accident, but authorities are still investigating how the events played out. Iowa residents will be relieved to know the man survived his accident and is currently in recovery.

The report filed on Feb. 4 states the general contractor, a 23-year-old man, was working on a sewer-based project when the accident occurred. While details are still fuzzy, it has been confirmed the man apparently suffered some sort of head injury which disoriented him while he was working 30 feet down in an open hole. Whatever injury he suffered led to him being unable to get back out of the hole under his own power, so authorities were notified.

The man was helped from the hole and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The head injury was confirmed, but authorities are still trying to determine how it was suffered. While it was not explicitly stated in the report, state rules would dictate the company overseeing the job site would file a report with the local branch of OSHA, which would conduct its own investigation to determine whether safety standards were being adhered to on the job site. 

Iowa residents recognize how debilitating a work injury can be, so it is fortunate this man will likely be supported during his recovery. Workers' compensation packages are often applied in situations like these to help pay for medical expenses and account for lost wages during the recovery process. As a general contractor, it seems likely the man will be entitled to benefits. Many workers in similar circumstances choose to retain an attorney experienced in workers' compensation proceedings to ensure fairness and pursue recovery of all applicable benefits.

Source:, "Cleveland police emergency crews pull construction worker out of East Side hole", Cory Shaffer, Feb. 4, 2015

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