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Worker suffers fall injury

A man has been seriously hurt after a major fall, according to sources local to the job site. Iowa construction workers are aware of the dangers of a fall injury on a job site, which has the capacity to cause long-term problems and even be fatal. In this case, the injured worker is lucky to be alive. 

According to the accident report filed by the plant where the injury took place, the 23-year-old worker was conducting industrial cleaning services on the plant. Nearby was a very deep, wide concrete pit associated with plant functions. For reasons unknown, the man fell from where he was working some 20 feet into the pit, suffering injuries described as severe. 

Firefighters worked to extricate the man from the pit, using a crane owned by the plant to raise the injured man. He was rushed to a local hospital where his current status is unknown. Officials from the local branch of OSHA were on scene shortly thereafter to determine whether the accident was caused by a safety failing on the part of the plant. They have assured the media that if there was a violation, the plant will be held accountable. 

Thankfully, as Iowa workers are already aware, a fall injury of this type should fall within the coverage of workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are in place to help offset the cost of medical care, not to mention compensating for time lost from work. In the case of the worker in question, it seems likely he will be the beneficiary of these important, state-regulated insurance benefits. 

Source:, "AK Steel contract worker injured in fall", Chelsey Levingston and Lot Tan, Jan. 23, 2015

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