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December 2014 Archives

Man suffers work injury during fire

Emergency crews responded to a work site where a fire broke out, according to local news sources. A man suffered a work injury while performing repairs on a residential rooftop, prompting local fire services to investigate the site. As Iowa workers are probably already aware, this would likely also facilitate an investigation by the local branch of OSHA to ensure that such an accident would not be repeated. 

2 construction workers killed in fatal accident

Two contracted civilian workers are dead following a serious accident at a naval ship facility, according to local sources. Iowa residents are familiar with the WW2 landmark where the fatal accident took place. Firefighters responded to the scene, and it is likely that the local branch of OSHA will be conducting an investigation as well. 

Concussions From Sports

In 2014, the National Football League agreed to pay more than $1 billion to retired football players who are suffering the effects of head injuries from their playing days. Think about that... the NFL now admits that football will cause brain injuries and the harm can last a lifetime.

Man suffers work injury on river construction project

A construction site on a river development project nearly turned fatal on the morning of Dec. 1, according to sources local to the project. Iowa residents will be pleased to hear the work injury suffered by a 51-year-old man did not prove fatal. Additionally, mechanics are in place to help cover the man's medical expenses as he recovers from his harrowing experience. 

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