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Industrial accident injures 3

A news release from Formosa Plastics has confirmed that two unrelated accidents injured two employees and a contract worker. Iowa residents understand that one industrial accident on a business site can be problematic. However, two unrelated accidents causing injury could be construed as a sign that issues need to be addressed by the company and possibly by outside authorities.

The first incident involved two Formosa employees inhaling chlorine vapor, a harmful chemical that can cause serious damage to lungs if inhaled. The source of the vapor has yet to be determined by company officials, but it is under investigation. The employees underwent an examination by on-site medical staff but were later transferred to a local hospital as a precaution.

The contract worker apparently came into contact with sulphuric acid, which can cause serious burns if exposed to skin.  The source of this exposure is also under investigation, and the man was taken directly to a hospital for immediate medical care.  In both cases, state law demands that OSHA be contacted in order to launch an investigation into both incidences in order to ensure further accidents do not occur and to determine whether safety protocols were being properly observed on site. 

An industrial accident involving toxic exposure can be particularly troublesome if the cause is an unseen leak, as it could suggest a greater threat to employee safety.  Thankfully, as here in Iowa, the injured workers will likely be entitled to compensation to help cover their medical expenses and their lost wages while they recover.  The contract employee would typically file an industrial accident claim through the compensation coverage of the worker's own employer.  OSHA will likely be mobilized to ensure further accidents of this type are avoided at the workplace. 

Source:, "Two Formosa employees, contract worker injured", , Oct. 7, 2014

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