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In this blog we often comment about what a client should do early in the case. What many people want to know is; do I need to hire an attorney today and can I afford to wait and see what happens? This is a mixed answer. The reason the answer is mixed, is all injured people need the advice of an experienced lawyer early in the case. Whether you hire the lawyer or decide to wait is a matter you and the attorney can work out in that first conversation. At our law firm, we find that it is best for the client and best for us to simply talk about the case in a direct manner, share ideas and information, and come up with a plan. Until you are fully versed on the law and the issues in your case, it is impossible for you to know if you should hire an attorney today. Likewise, until we have the same type of knowledge, it is impossible for us to know if we can take your case at the current time or if it needs more development. Typically, the most important phase is the medical part of the claim. Focus on your medical first. Get the best possible result. After you know where you are headed medically, it is much easier to talk to the attorneys about whether or not it is time to hire the law firm and get the case started. When you call our law firm you will speak to a partner. We do not send you off to a younger attorney who does not have the necessary experience to carefully analyze the important issues in your case, including whether or not they should take control of the case at the current time. After hearing the details, we tell many clients that it is too early to turn the case over to us and instead give you a game plan to follow to see if you can gain further recovery from the responsible party before you actually go to the expense of hiring a lawyer. We work on a percentage fee basis. This means we only charge you a percentage of what we get you. This works out well and this is one reason why were not afraid to say to people "wait, let's see what happens." Before you "wait and see" give us a call. It's free!

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