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July 2013 Archives

Welcome RAGBRAI!

LLDD welcomes the 2013 edition of RAGBRAI to West Des Moines. Staying with us is a team of riders from Arkansas visiting the state to verify that the land of corn is absolutely not flat! Bicycles, roadways, and vehicles make for an interesting combination where all sorts of things can go wrong. From past experience with RAGBRAI, I've seen the roadway cause riders to fall because of potholes and parallel gaps in the road. We hope the cities and counties that invite RAGBRAI to travel their roadways take reasonable steps to provide a safe ride. In other cases we have dealt with inattentive drivers and even fellow bike riders simply running over people who are going slower. The injuries from bicycle accidents can be gruesome. Even wearing a helmet, head, neck, and upper extremity injuries are common. Broken collar bones, broken arms, broken legs, head injuries, and shoulder injuries ..... we see it all. These words of caution aren't limited to RAGBRAI. Bikes have an absolute right to use the roadway and drivers of automobiles and trucks have an absolute responsibility to see what is there to be seen. It's no excuse that you were messing with your cell phone, lighting a cigarette, or focusing on matters from your day. If you hit a bike rider, you've got trouble. One day I was sitting at my keyboard here at the office and saw a car rear end a bike rider on Grand Avenue right outside our office. The bike even had a light on it! As I say, the types of injuries and the effect of those injuries when you combine bicycles, roadways, and vehicles can be catastrophic.


Today we are thinking about settlement in workers' compensation and personal injury cases. The reason we are blogging at this time is that settlement has never been more complicated by factors outside the traditional scope of a workers' compensation case or a personal injury case. For example, if the coming changes to our national healthcare system take effect an injured person has to be careful and fully informed on the ramifications of settling any case. This starts with considering what that settlement will mean to entitlement to benefits from the future health care system. This is true for: • anyone who is on Medicare, • anyone who is on a state medical program of any type, and • anyone who presently has what we know now to be any type of private insurance. Unfortunately, the Internet is a miserable place to find reliable answers for your specific situation. That is because no attorney's website can accurately describe your unique circumstance, or the considerations that must be taken into account before settling a case. This is why talking to a lawyer at our firm is free! So, if you are on the verge of a settlement, think about making a phone call for a informed discussion about whether or not you should be doing this, and whether or not you are receiving enough compensation for the risks based on unknown future medical problems. Give us a call  515-224-4400.


For miles incurred after 2013 the reimbursement rate is 56.5 cents per week. This number is reviewed and adjusted each year on July 1, so be sure to double check with us.
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