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We often hear this when talking to clients who have been dealing with insurance adjusters on personal injury cases.  What happens is the client has formed a friendship with the person in charge of their claim. The victim feels they can trust the insurance adjuster and starts telling stories about their life that should have remained private.  Stories like money troubles, problems with kids, problems with the marriage. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  Should you get this deep with a person paid to limit your recovery? The answer is almost always NO. Forming a friendship with the insurance adjuster results in a one-way relationship.  The adjuster has a job that they are paid to do.  The most talented adjusters are not paid to be mean to you, or to irritate you.  Rather, they are paid to befriend you, console you, express concern for you, and develop a relationship with deep roots. We know of one insurance adjuster who actually helped cut wood at an injured person's house when he was there visiting with them about settling the case.  By the time the wood was stacked the victim's family was in love with the insurance adjuster and had signed off on a bad settlement.  They left thousands of dollars on the table all because they fell into this relationship with the insurance adjuster.  When they call us to complain, they almost always say.... But they were so nice! This topic may sound harsh, but you have to understand that an insurance company does not make friends.  It does not have a soul.  It does not feed children, or go to work, or go to worship.  An insurance company is a business that is created to pay as little as possible to victims of other people's negligence. To accomplish a goal of low compensation, it hires good people who can communicate with you and accomplish the mission.  The company gives the adjuster the assignment of getting to know you, forming a relationship with you, and then putting the knife in you on the money part of the claim. You can choose to ignore this advice, but you are reading this blob for a reason.  Perhaps you know it is too good to be true and want the truth.  If you are concerned that you are in too deep with your insurance adjuster give us a call and let's discuss what's going on, as there are usually many signs that the adjuster is not actually working to help you.  For example, has your pal the adjuster paid all of your medical bills caused by this injury?  If not, pick up the phone and give us a call... there's no charge for turning the light bulb on. 515-224-4400

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