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August 2012 Archives

Crazy things happen to people at work... workplace shootings.

Crazy things happen to people at work... workplace shootings. Today we are still in shock over the recent shootings that have taken place in movie theaters, and a Sikh temple, a house of fellowship/worship. The people watching the movie were simply enjoying their late night leisure time. The Sikhs where engaging in a community meal, designed to promote fellowship and service to the community. In each case a crazed gunman executed the helpless victims for no sane reason. It may seem strange to think of these circumstances as a personal injury or work comp situation, but it is very likely that some of these deaths or injuries would be covered by both areas of the law. Take for example, a traveling salesman who is choosing to attend a movie while on the road. Under Iowa law, that salesman's family would be entitled to a valid Iowa workers' compensation case. Further, depending on the unique facts of any given case there could also be potential liability that could be explored. While there is seldom a legal responsibility for the random act of a crazy gunman, in some circumstances the act isn't that random. Many times someone knew what was going to happen and failed to warn. In this case, it appears that the Colorado gunman may have already been identified as a potential source of violent action. The white supremacists, was well-known for his crazed views and spoke of acting before he committed that terrible crime. Watch what happens in the days and weeks ahead on this legal issue. There may in fact be valid cause of action here depending on who knew what, and who failed to act. A common theme of our blog is the importance of investigation. Whether it is a workers' compensation case or personal injury case, investigation is key to knowing your rights. Call to discuss any ideas this entry raises. There is no charge for discussing a case.

Did you know Iowa has a minimum weekly rate for work comp pay?

Did you know Iowa has a minimum weekly rate for work comp pay? Some workers do not know that Iowa has a law which sets the lower limit on the weekly rate of compensation that must be paid to a worker with a valid injury.  In 2012 that minimum rate is $255.00 per week.  There are always exceptions to this general rule, but if you are getting less than this amount, pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your case and why your weekly pay is so low.  The call is free as you can only know your rights if someone will help you learn. 515-224-4400 or 1-800-890-4544 

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