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AVOID SILLY MISTAKES! Today we are discussing the consequences of silly mistakes that clients make early in their case. What usually happens is that clients are sloppy in the telling of their story. They are vague on dates, or don't give enough details about how they got hurt. What most clients don't understand is that the stories you tell early in the case make all the difference later on. Here's an example: a worker is walking down the stairs, slips on water, and falls, injuring their leg. But when they tell the story to the insurance company they leave out the fact that the stair was wet. The insurance company is left with the impression that the worker fell "just walking down the stairs." Later, when the injured worker tries to explain that there was water on the floor the insurance company accuses them of lying and changing the story to try to seek some advantage. Another area where we see silly mistakes are when clients are not being careful when they describe where they are hurt. Inevitably, the client leaves out the fact that they also hurt their knee when they have previously stated they hurt their foot, ankle, hip, and back. If you are not accurate and careful when discussing issues in your case with the insurance company, your employer, or your doctors, you can create the wrong impression and set the stage for an unnecessary fight.

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