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September 2011 Archives

BEWARE... don't believe everything you read online, even if it appears to be an official website!

We have recently begun to look at our office's presence in the online world. We were surprised to find hundreds of sites that our office appears on that we were not aware of. The internet is a fabulous tool when used with other sources of information! Unfortunately, many of these sites have incomplete and inaccurate information. Some things are simple mistakes, but others like addresses or the type of work a firm handles can be wrong, misleading and are unacceptable! Our advice to you is to make a call to the business you are researching, if you have any questions regarding the information you have seen online and to verify its' address if you plan to visit their location. The call to us is free...1-800-890-4544!   Our local number is 515-224-4400.


9/11 reflections... With the passing of another 9/11/01 anniversary now is the time to think about some of the legal issues surrounding that terrible event.  Last week we did an office outing at a Des Moines firefighter's fundraiser.  This was in conjunction with the 9/11/01 anniversary.  The picture on the top of our blog post is of our staff and friends competing with the local fire department to see if we could out pull them.  Guess what?  Firefighters can pull faster than lawyers and secretaries!  Who knew? It was a fun event, and we were happy to participate.  What is not so happy are the problems faced by the volunteers who participated in the rescue and salvage operation at Ground Zero.  Proving once again that our Congress can't agree on anything, it still will not provide benefits to those people who risk their health to try to save lives after the buildings collapsed.  This is shameful and reflects poorly on us as a society. In Iowa, volunteer firefighters and volunteer police officers are covered by our Workers' Compensation act.  But even this is tricky as so few people know the volunteers are covered their many injuries go uncompensated.  Even worse, when a volunteer dies in the line of duty sometimes the family goes uncompensated because no one understands they are covered... even though they were not paid wages.  What a tragedy.

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