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One aspect of our representation is to advance the "cost" of litigation.  This means as expenses come up in the case, we pay it.  Understanding cost is important to understanding the commitment that is being made by the attorney on behalf of your case.  Some attorneys refer to this advancing of cost as a "loan" on your case.  This is not really accurate for our firm as we do not charge any interest on the monies we advance, but it does demonstrate the process that goes on.  The attorney pays the cost as it comes due, and then deducts the cost from the clients two thirds share at the end of the case.Here are a couple examples about cost:1)  In a modern workers compensation case we have to pay $100 simply to file your case.  In the future this will be done electronically and it will become even more cumbersome and tricky.  We expect additional fees will likely be tacked on to that filing system.  You can serve a work comp lawsuit on the insurance company and employer by mail.  But each active service generally ranges between $5 and $10 per mailing.  Again this is advanced by the attorneys.2) In a personal injury case the state District Court requires $185 for the paperwork to be filed.  These types of cases generally require personal service which can add another $65 – $100 per person served to the process of getting the case on file and served.Things like postage, copier, acquiring medical bills, and conferences with the doctors are other types of expense which we advance.  Believe it or not, some doctors will charge $700 just for a 15 min. conference.  They do it because they can get away with it.Most clients don't think about the actual cost involved in the handling of a file, but costs do mount up, and can be a substantial investment first by the attorney, and ultimately by the client at the time of settlement.

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