Healing Period Benefits for Des Moines, IA

Healing period benefits are your gateway benefits to Iowa workers' compensation. These benefits are going to protect you while you are off work. If you are not currently receiving healing period benefits after a workplace injury, you need to call us.

Is the workers' comp insurance company referring to something it calls temporary partial disability (TPD)? This is the same thing as healing period benefits. Call us to learn more about the next steps you should be taking.

Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., is your one-stop law firm for all of your work injury legal needs. We are a team of experienced attorneys, each partner with more than 35 years of hands-on claims and trial experience. Whether you need to file for the first time, or have had your benefits denied, call us with your question.

We do not charge upfront money to help you get the money you and your family need while you are off work. We get paid ONLY if we help you receive healing period benefits and all other benefits you are entitled to.

Don't Take The Insurance Company At Its Word

Guess who your employer's workers' compensation insurance company works for? Right — it's not you. It is in business to make money. It does that by settling for as little as possible with the injured party. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers working on their side. It makes sense to put an experienced team on your side, as well.

Confused about some of the lingo the workers' comp letters and adjusters are using? Visit our Workers' Comp Lingo page for some clear definitions. Learn more at our Workers' Comp FAQ page, too.

No Matter Where You Live Or Work In Iowa, It Makes Sense To Come To Us

Nearly all workers' compensation and work injury litigation cases end up at the court in Des Moines. Our office in West Des Moines, Iowa is located just minutes from the courthouse. We know the Iowa workers' compensation process and court procedures like no other law firm in the state.

Wherever you are in Iowa, call our West Des Moines offices at 515-224-4400 to talk to one of our attorneys or send us an email.