Did You Aggravate A Pre-Existing Condition At Work in Des Moines, IA

Don't let the workers' compensation insurance adjuster tell you that you don't qualify for benefits if your workplace accident aggravated an old injury. Even if an old medical problem is starting to act up because of your day-to-day job tasks, you may still qualify for temporary partial disability and healing period benefits while you recover.

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If you ask your human resources department, your boss or a workers' compensation insurance adjuster whether you are eligible for benefits because of an old injury, what do you think he or she will say? It is in his or her best interest to deny your claim and tell you to go back to work. Ask us, and we will tell you what the law says about your rights.

Our attorneys handle claims for all types of re-aggravated injuries or pre-existing conditions, including re-aggravated:

Iowa's Second Injury Fund

If you already have a partial disability injury from your time in the U.S. military or pre-existing disability to another part of your body, you may also be eligible for money from Iowa's Second Injury Fund. We can answer your questions about whether you qualify.

Getting the benefits you are entitled to for a pre-existing condition requires asking the right people the right questions. If you work anywhere in Iowa, you have an experienced team of dedicated workers' compensation lawyers on your side. Call Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., to discuss your circumstances. We offer a free consultation and will give you an honest evaluation of your case.

Third-Party Lawsuits For Workplace Injuries

Under Iowa's workers' compensation laws, you generally forfeit the right to sue your employer for negligence when you accept workers' compensation benefits. That does not mean, however, that another party may not be sued for negligence or misconduct leading to your accident or injury. Third-party lawsuits can be filed against the property owner, the manufacturer of a defective product and other workers or subcontractors who acted in a negligent manner. Ask us for help.

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