When Depression Keeps You From Working in Des Moines, IA

Challenges exist in workers' compensation claims involving depression. The legal team at Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., is ready to face those challenges on your behalf. The three partners each have 35 years of experience in representing Iowa residents who need help with a challenging and highly bureaucratic process.

Overcoming Obstacles And Misconceptions On Your Behalf

Claims of depression can be a side effect to a physical work injury and possible loss of employment, or a mental "injury" can arise on its own. In many cases, depression isn't apparent for a significant period of time. Whether your workers' compensation claim is from a physical injury, chronic psychological issues or a combination of the two, you should not waste any time in speaking to your family physician.

Depression based on a mental injury can develop from a specific event that occurred at work. While stress is a constant in any work environment, the stress that triggers depression must be unusual in how it was brought about.

We Believe In You When Others Do Not

We spend time with our clients to determine the onset of any type of injury that prevents them from working. We take an in-depth, fact-based approach to overcome the challenges and misconceptions that may arise from a workers' compensation claim based on depression.

While others may question the validity of your claim, we will show you that someone believes in you. We will remain at your side throughout the entire process, fighting for the best outcome.

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