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Product designers, manufacturers, installers, packaging subcontractors and distributors all have a responsibility to follow regulations concerning product safety when selling a consumer or industrial product in the American marketplace. If you were injured on the job, at home, on the road or anywhere in Iowa because of a defective or dangerous design, stop looking for answers on the Internet and call Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., in West Des Moines.

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Our team of attorneys is recognized as one of the most experienced group of trial lawyers in the Des Moines metropolitan area. Each partner offers more than 35 years of experience at the settlement table and in court, fighting on behalf of injured people who face teams of defense lawyers working to protect the corporation's budget and reputation.

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We will handle everything, from initial investigation into the accident and the party or parties who may be held liable for damages. When necessary, we work with independent professionals to determine the full extent of liability and financial damages.

Call us for any type of personal injury or wrongful death claim related to a dangerous or defective product, including:

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