Injuries to Children in Des Moines, IA

At Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., our attorneys were all kids once or have kids of their own. Our rule at home and in the law practice is "Don't injure a child." We will take on all aspects of a personal injury claim involving your child. We will attend to the details of your case, bringing our experience and knowledge to maximize the compensation you and your child deserve.

Where children can be found, a variety of injuries can occur. Places of recreation and enjoyment can contain hidden hazards. Poorly maintained grounds and malfunctioning equipment can cause catastrophic injuries. Negligent athletic staff might overlook blows to the head or ignore your child's injury.

When A Day Of Fun Turns Tragic

Injuries to children can take many forms and occur in places that should maintain the highest standards of safety.

  • Learning to ride a bike in a park or at their home is a key moment in the life of child. However, the accomplishment can turn into tragedy when an inattentive or impaired driver collides with the child.
  • Placing a child in a car seat built to protect him or her is an effective safety measure should an accident occur. Yet, a defect in any area of the seat, specifically the restraint to secure the child, can result in serious injuries that can change and end lives.
  • Day care centers must adhere to strict state regulations and undergo periodic inspections. A facility that falls short of the basic standards can put children at risk of serious injury.
  • Drowning accidents caused by defective pool equipment or negligent staff (in a public pool) can result in non-fatal brain injuries and fatalities.
  • Poorly maintained vehicles and negligent drivers place children and other passengers in danger of serious injuries and death in school bus accidents.

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