Dog Bites & Animal Attacks in Des Moines, IA

The sudden violence of a dog or another animal attack is terrifying and sometimes life threatening. Victims are often left with serious physical injuries, medical bills and scars, including emotional scarring, which cannot be discounted. A walk down the street and the sight of a dog can bring fear to those who have been attacked by dogs.

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite injury, you first need immediate medical care from a quality doctor. When things settle down, it is important to aggressively investigate the attack, and to do this investigation properly you can use the proactive legal representation from the attorneys at Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P.

Recovering Full And Fair Money Damages Following An Animal Attack

Dog owners in Iowa are legally responsible for injuries resulting from a dog bite or other animal attack. In many cases, the owner of the dog is strictly liable for your damage, meaning that they can't escape responsibility by blaming the victim.

Dogs do not engage in rational thinking in order to only attack the guilty. Being descended from wolves, the dog psyche cannot be understood. Therefore, the law makes the owners responsible in almost all cases. Even if the animal was properly restrained by a leash or a fence, owners are often fully responsible unless the victim contributed to the injury by acting unreasonably or unlawfully.

Investigate The Case Right Now

Questions may involve the true owner of the animal. Our job is to get to the facts regarding why this attack took place. Here are key questions that must be addressed in the investigation.

  • Who are the witnesses?
  • What did the owner say to the police?
  • Did anyone tease the dog?
  • Is there any video evidence available in the area?

In some cases, it is wise to review city licensing documents, veterinary records and breeding paperwork. In addition to the owner, property owners where animals are kept may also be liable if they were aware of the animal's vicious tendencies or prior attacks.

Taking action today not only starts the process of getting the justice you need, but can also prevent future attacks by the animal.

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