The Dangers Of Home Appliance Defects in Des Moines, IA

It starts with a simple act. You buy a product to use in your home which leads to a chain of events where you or a loved one suffer serious injuries or death. When purchasing a home, car, or yard appliance or any other type of consumer product, you are placing a great deal of faith into those who:

  • Designed the product
  • Chose materials to be used in it
  • Manufactured the product
  • Conducted testing of it
  • Developed the warnings in or on the packaging of the product

Life-Changing Injuries Caused By "Harmless" Products

Through no fault of your own, that transaction changed your life, but you can fight back. Going up against consumer product companies without the help of an attorney ignores the complexity of the cases and the resources possessed by these powerful corporations. At Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., we will work to even the odds you face when defects result in serious injury or death.

It is important to note that one product may contain multiple types of defects, including manufacturing, design, testing and warning.

Once you retain our services, every decision and strategy we make will be for the benefit of you or your family. Our focus is singular: We recover compensation for physical and emotional damage done by negligent companies and insurers.

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