After A Construction Accident, Call Our Lawyers in Des Moines, IA

Work and construction injuries can arise from falls while working, objects landing on the worker's head or shoulders, being run over by construction equipment, and any other number of odd or unusual methods of work injury.

These cases are complex and difficult to sort out. We don't mean the basic facts. What we are referring to is the nature of the work project and which contractors are responsible for an injury. To make fast progress you need the help of a work injury attorney like the ones at Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., in West Des Moines.

In almost every construction site injury, we are faced with a confusing mass of documents and conflicting claims about what happened. In a construction site injury case the responsible parties are likely to have signed several contracts that pertain to safety and responsibilities on the job site. These contracts are critically important and without them it is difficult to understand who was responsible for an injury and what the safety violations might have been.

Prompt Investigations Are Critical

Many construction workers move from job to job and soon are gone from a project. Once again we see the importance of doing a prompt investigation of construction injuries. A few years ago our jobsite construction accident attorneys made significant progress on a major injury at an apartment house construction project by getting our investigator to visit the scene before anything could be substantially changed. The photographs and measurements the investigator took were critical to our attorney in order to get a fair result for our client.

Here is an early tip to get you started; write down the names of witnesses and names of all construction companies working in the area at the time of your injury, it could help with your injury settlement.

It Doesn't Cost You Anything To Consult Us

What you need to know is this: it's free to call our work injury attorneys and discuss the nature of your injury and what investigative steps you should be taking prior to an injury settlement. This means we do not charge anything for discussing the case and helping you figure out what direction you should go.

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