The Risks Of Driving With Auto Defects in Des Moines, IA

Not all automobile collisions are caused by inattentive and impaired drivers. We handle those cases all the time. The attorneys at Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., also represent accident victims injured due to dangerous and deadly defects in cars.

When Negligence Takes The Form Of Automobile Defects

Common automobile defects can be found in:

  • Seat belts — Belts that malfunction upon impact fail to restrain occupants in their seats, defeating the purpose of having seat belts in the first place. Conversely, seat belts can lock up and trap drivers and passengers in the vehicle should a post-crash fire start.
  • Air bags — This is a national scandal. A device intended to prevent injuries malfunctions and causes injury. Like seat belts, air bags that do not deploy on impact put already vulnerable passengers and drivers at risk of serious head, neck and spinal cord injuries.
  • Tires — Tire blowouts and poor treads can cause a car to spin out of control, creating catastrophic accidents.
  • Brakes — Applying the brake pedal to prevent a collision only to have the brake not respond is a terrifying moment that shouldn't have happened. Defects in design and manufacturing or poor installation can result in serious injuries and death.

While you and your family members recover from physical injuries and emotional trauma, we build a strong, fact-based case on your behalf. Our attorneys will conduct in-depth investigations and team with automobile experts to identify the party responsible for the serious crash. From there, we strive to maximize compensation for you via settlement or trial.

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