Why Hire An Attorney After A Boat Accident in Des Moines, IA?

Answer: Because There Are No Skid Marks On The Water

The tragedies that routinely happen on Iowa lakes and rivers are flabbergasting. In a typical situation, a family is on the water for a leisurely afternoon when some fool injures you or your family member as a result of negligent activity with his or her boat. Sadly, this happens all too often and many times negligence or negligence in conjunction with impaired operation (drugs – alcohol) is at the root of the injury.

Call the personal injury litigation attorneys of Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., today. We will begin investigating to determine negligence and the full and fair amount of monetary compensation you are entitled to for medical treatment, lost earnings and pain and suffering.

The types of potential claims are many and include:

  • Improper operation of a boat
  • Failure to follow navigation rules
  • Inexperienced or underage operator at the controls
  • Impaired operation (drugs – alcohol) of a boat or Jet Ski
  • Improper lookout while operating a boat or Jet Ski
  • Improper towing of your own skiers
  • Not thinking about the weather in the area
  • Failure to monitor water skiers being towed by your own boat
  • Failure to keep a proper lookout for swimmers, skiers, wakeboarders, or other signs of human activity in the water
  • Cutting a tow line of a skier, or wakeboarder resulting in injury
  • Jet Ski injuries to passengers or others
  • Running a boat or Jet Ski aground
  • Creating a strong wave or wake
  • The list goes on and on…………

Even If The Evidence Seems Clear, The Insurance Company Won't Believe It

What is particularly difficult about injuries that take place on waterways is it is extremely difficult to investigate what the scene looked like at the time. There are no surveillance cameras in the area of most boating accidents. Even in this day of cellphones, people forget to use them during the first confusing moments after a tragedy has taken place. Law enforcement generally arrives long after the scene has been completely changed. If witnesses are good enough to help in the beginning, they tend to evaporate into the background and great effort must be made to find them.

People who have been injured as a result of boating mishaps have to immediately investigate the case and leave no stone unturned while looking for witnesses, cellphone metadata, GPS information, phone images, or other evidence that might prove critical in the case.

For example, Lake Red Rock, Clear Lake, Spirit Lake, Lake Okoboji and towns along the Mississippi River have marinas that sell and/or serve alcohol. Most of the lakes will also sell gasoline to boaters. If you can promptly contact the witnesses at the marina, you may be able to determine when the negligent operator of the boat that caused the injury was last there. If you can find those witnesses, you can learn what the condition of the boat operator was. Maybe you can even get the observations of the person selling the gasoline to the boat operator who ends up hurting you. Or, perhaps there are regular fishermen on the banks near a boat ramp who are still in the vicinity of the boat ramp for the lake in question. These people might have observed the conduct of the negligent operator before he or she got near you, or your family.

But these witnesses evaporate over time. The longer you wait, the harder they are to find. Give our drunk driver victim attorney a call today!

If you have been injured in any manner as a result of an operation of a Jet Ski, boat, speedboat, sailboat, or any other watercraft in the state of Iowa you should get on the phone right now and call our personal injury lawyer or drunk driver victim attorney to 1) get ideas, and 2) help conduct the actual investigation. The call is free!

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