Bicycle Riders Have Rights On Des Moines, IA, Roads Too

When adults in Iowa drive cars, they think the roadway exclusively belongs to the automobile. They think they should be able to play with their cellphone, yell at their children, or eat their lunch while driving a car. We see it all the time. Inattentive or distracted drivers paying little attention to what they are doing with their car.

The roadway does not belong exclusively to cars. That's black letter law in the state of Iowa. Drivers of cars have to act responsibly and pay attention to what is going on around them.

Riding a bicycle should be a fun and leisurely activity. In some areas of town, the bike rider is required to be on the roadway. We can all agree that the bike rider should be responsible for safe operation of the bicycle. However, comparing safe operation of the bicycle to the safe operation of a car requires a look at the damage the car can do to the bike rider. The driver of a car has a high duty to see the bike riders, anticipate traffic issues, and not strike people on bicycles.

A bike rider practicing the highest standards of safety becomes meaningless when a car or truck driver does not share those standards. If negligence played a role in the collision, legal representation to hold the responsible party accountable is equally important.

Pursuing Justice And Compensation For Bicycle Accident Victims In Iowa

The attorneys of Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake, L.L.P., are dedicated to pursuing justice for injured bike accident victims and for family members grieving the death of a loved one. Injuries to bike riders are usually serious due to the lack of a steel enclosure enjoyed by cars and trucks. Lives are changed. Injuries can end careers. Accidents kill a great person who was the primary wage earner, bringing uncertainty and fear to an already grieving family.

After we spend time with you to identify the specific issues surrounding the case, we tailor strategies toward maximizing your compensation. Accident scene investigation is critical in the early days after a devastating injury to a bike rider. Our investigator will work with police investigators to understand the facts of your claim.

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